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How to Get a Cash Advance Without a Bank Account?

Do you need instant cash but worry because you don’t have a bank account? While most lenders require a bank account before loan application, some don’t require borrowers to have a bank account.

Opening a bank account can’t be your priority when you have financial emergencies. However, it will be difficult for you to find a lender that will put their trust in you by not having a bank intermediary. While it is possible to get a cash advance payday loan without a bank account, take note that your loan will have a higher interest.

So, if possible, it is still best to at least open a checking or savings account. Opening a bank account can take one to two days of processing, and you can get your card within seven to ten days. Most lenders require checking accounts. However, savings accounts will do.

Why Is Getting a Loan Without a Bank Account Difficult?

Borrowers should understand that lenders can check their financial situation through bank accounts. It will give lenders the information they need to see if you can pay the loan you’re applying for.

There will be few lenders who will accept loan applications without a bank account. However, they may require collateral to get the assurance that you will repay your loan.

Is a Payday Loan Considered a Cash Advance Loan?

While some lenders view cash advance loans differently from payday loans, these are some of their similarities:

  • They both offer a quick and instant cash loan.
  • They do not require borrowers to have a good credit history.
  • The repayment process can take up to two weeks to forty-five days, depending on the lender.
  • Some lenders can deposit your cash loan into your debit card or credit card if you don’t have a savings or checking account.

Is a Cash Advance Loan Helpful?

Cash advance loans are beneficial if you don’t have other ways to access funds and need cash urgently. However, since they have higher interest rates, you need to pay before the due date to avoid additional fees or charges.

How Can You Have a Cash Advance Loan Without a Bank Account?

Application for cash advance loans is the same as other types of loans applied online.

Provide a Valid Government-Issued ID

All lenders require a valid identification card. They will need to verify that the information you provide is the same as your identification cards and other documents. Also, your date of birth is vital information to ensure that you’re of the legal age.

Have a Car or Motorcycle Registered in Your Name

These will serve as your collateral. This is vital for lenders to lower their risk and assure that you will repay your loan.

Fill Out the Application Online

You will not need to accomplish paperwork when you apply online. If you need to sign, lenders can send the document to be signed digitally.


Having a cash loan without a bank account can be challenging. However, few lenders still accept loan applications without requiring a bank account. Instead of requiring collateral, you’ll be charged with higher interest rates.

So, while you can get cash loans without a bank account, it is still better to have one in case you need funds for your financial emergencies.