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No Denial Payday Loans

According to the Consumer Federation of America data (CFA), only thirty-two states authorize payday lending in the US. Payday loans offer easy application and quick approval, but it will be unavoidable for your application to be denied.

A no denial payday loan is where a lending company will offer guaranteed credit. These lenders assure their clients that their applications will be approved.

Do No Denial Loans Exist?

One of the payday loans advantages over other traditional loans is that lenders don’t look at your credit score or your history. They only require you very few requirements. If you look at an online lending company, you might be able to see “guaranteed approval” or “no denial payday loans.”

Even if you put time and effort into looking at the application or lender’s website, there is still a chance for you to be denied. Therefore, a “no denial” payday loan doesn’t exist. Lenders only use it for promotional purposes.

How Does a Payday Loan Application Get Denied?

If your application got denied, you have to see first why your application got rejected in the first place. Some can be the reason why:

  1. Application Form – There are instances when applicants submit the application form with incomplete details.
  2. Verification – The details on the valid ID is different from what’s given in the application form.
  3. Incomplete Documents – Lending companies that offer payday loans require proof of employment and income.
  4. Unemployed and Underage – Applicants should only be of the legal age of 18 and above that are employed or with a source of income.
  5. Steady Income – Since a payday loan will not require collateral, they will base the approval of your application on the amount of your income to know your ability to pay.
  6. Active Bank Account – The lending company uses the postdated check or direct debit from your bank account as a mode of payment. If your bank is not active and has a bad history, it will affect your application.
  7. Credit Score –This depends on the lender’s policy. Most lenders will not check your credit history, but others will still do.

Can you reapply for a payday loan?

After finding out the reason why the application got denied, you can now amend it, so it fits the lender’s requirement. Avoid your application from getting rejected by following these tips.

  • Double-check your application form to ensure that the details are complete and the same as your valid IDs.
  • Your documents should be certified by your company.
  • Check your bank and credit history before applying for a payday loan.
  • Do not apply for a loan that you can’t pay.


When an individual needs quick cash for emergencies, like medical expenses, these simple mistakes may hinder you from getting the assistance you need. But do not worry too much as it is simple to correct, and you can still reapply for loans.