Fast Payday Loans Up To $5,000

Maine Payday Loans Online

Are you in a financial crisis right now, and you need cash right away? You can avail of payday loans online and get the money within the day. All you need to do is submit your request form and have the simple requirements ready, including proof of income, government-issued ID, and a valid savings or checking account. It’s easier to apply for this loan than traditional bank loans, where you need to provide many documents, including your credit history and collateral.

Are Payday Loans Allowed in Maine?

If you’re from Maine, it’s good news that payday loans are allowed in the state. However, you need to be aware of the following laws about payday loans:

  • You can’t get a loan of over $2000.
  • You don’t have to worry about the loan term because there is no length limit.
  • You need to be aware that lenders aren’t allowed to charge you beyond $5 when you get a $75 or less loan. And for your other loans, from $75-$250, they are not allowed to charge you more than $15, and for above $250 loans, they must not charge you over $25. Be careful of these charges because you might get scammed and have to pay a lot.
  • You also need to note that criminal offenses against borrowers are not allowed.
  • You need to check whether the lender is fully licensed in Maine so that you won’t be caught in any illegal loan activity of the lender. Maine is one of the states that strictly regulate payday loans.

What You Need For A Payday Loan in Maine

If you’re applying for an online payday loan in Maine, you need to take note of the following conditions:

  1. You must be a legal resident of Maine. Lenders confirm this by asking for your government-issued ID and contact address.
  2. You need to be of legal age in the USA – 18 or older.
  3. You need to have a secure source of income, earning you a minimum of $1000 monthly. This will guarantee the lender that you can pay back the loan. If you’re worried about your bad credit history, it’s not a problem because the lender’s focus is on your monthly income, and your credit score won’t matter.
  4. You must provide an active mobile phone number and email address where the lender can reach you instantly.
  5. You need to note that payday loans are used for emergencies where you need cash immediately, and you’ll pay them back once you have your income. It is not a way to solve any of your serious financial problems. So, if you’re bankrupt, you can’t apply for a loan.

How to Choose an Online Payday Loan in Maine

One of the best ways to guarantee that you’ll have a safe and secure payday loan transaction is by choosing a trustworthy lender.

Here are some of the ways to know that a payday loan lender is credible and reliable:

  • They show clear information about the interest rates and other charges.
  • They have a license to operate.
  • They have customer service available for your inquiries.


Online payday loans are one of the best loan offers for employees who need cash during emergencies. They help you out in a difficult financial situation just when you need it.