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Vermont Payday Loans Online

Did you know that Vermont is one of the few states in the United States that explicitly prohibits payday loans? Vermont sets its usury cap at 18% for loans below $500. For other installment loans, the interest rate is capped at 24% for the first $1000 and 12% for everything after that. If that is higher, the lender can also use an 18% flat rate on the whole loan.

Because of these regulations, there are just a handful of loan types that you can take in Vermont. If you reside in the state and you need some cash, instant loan alternatives are available for consumers. We have compiled a list of alternative loans that you can take:

Instant Loan Alternatives in Vermont

Cash Advances from Direct Lenders

The rise of the internet also paved the way for people who have the capital to be direct lenders. In Vermont, there are a lot of applications and/or websites where you can borrow cash from direct lenders.

You will be required to fill up a few application forms, which the lenders can assess. Depending on the lenders, you can also be asked to attend a few interviews. The interest for this kind of loan is not the best. However, the application is fair and gives chances to everyone, even those who have inadequate credit scores.

Car Title Pawning

If you require immediate cash and are sure that you can pay off a loan immediately, you can put your car title in a pawnshop. This enables you to acquire the cash instantaneously, and you don’t need to surrender your car. As soon as you are able to repay the loan, you can have your car title back in your possession.

You have to be careful with this kind of immediate loan and make sure that you can repay it within the agreed timeframe. Otherwise, this will result in the pawnshop re-owning your car.

Loan Store

Even if payday loans are not available in Vermont, there are still fast loans that you can take without the intensive legwork and rigorous application that regular loans usually involve.

Because Vermont has strict regulations on loans, you are guaranteed that creditors pass Vermont’s standards and won’t prey on you. You are assured that the creditors all follow the interest cap for the loans you will be taking and that there will be no hidden fees.


The state of Vermont does not allow payday loans. There are strict implemented regulations that limit the interest rates of all loans taken within the state. If you need some capital, there are a few alternatives to payday loans. Some of these alternatives are cash advances from direct lenders, car title pawning, and going to a loan store to check for your options.

Availing of these alternatives may not be as quick and as easy as payday loans. But as a consumer, you are also guaranteed that the interest rates applied to your loan will not be sky-high and that the creditors will not prey on you.