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About Us

We are not a lender. If you find yourself needing some extra money, but your bank statement can’t feasibly handle it, short-term payday  will help you. Payday Depot matches you with reliable online lenders and takes care of all processing elements.

We are committed to helping our customers in sudden financial struggles and making them satisfied. Our goal is to extend a helping hand in all kinds of life situations when you need money quickly. Even if you have bad credit, our services will be the right fit.


When does a short-term loan make sense?

Here are some scenarios where you might need a little help from our lenders:

  • Loss of income – A short-term loan will give you some time to figure everything out and create a plan of action.
  • Major health or dental expense – A trip to a hospital could create a serious financial strain, so you may need our help in this situation.
  • Car repairs – Most people can’t afford to be left without a car, which means they’ll need a quick solution.
  • Home repairs – You can’t always rely on insurance for some expenses, and a short-term loan can help you get your house in order.
  • Bigger-than-expected tax bill – There is a risk of not getting your estimated tax payment right, and a loan can help you get by until your next paycheck.
  • Unanticipated travel – A last-minute plane ticket isn’t cheap, but now you know what could help you manage that.


We’ll help you find the right lender that will make a positive difference in your financial situation. Get started today with Payday Depot and receive cash in only one business day!

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